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Welcome to ProCut ProPlow of Stow, Ohio, your complete landscape specialists.

We are a locally owned commercial and residential landscape company offering customized services to all four seasons.

From spring clean-ups, mowing and landscaping , lawn fertilization and winter snow plowing, ProCut ProPlow has you covered.

ProCut ProPlow gets it done through Winter Storm Harper. All contracts fulfilled and many other individuals and businesses assisted.


Summer Services

Mowing * Walk and drive edging * Lawn Fertilization * Grub and Insect Control * Irrigation Head Adjustment

Fall Services

Fall Leaf Cleanup * Lawn Seeding and Renovation * Lawn Fertilization * Weed Control * Lime Treatment

Winter Services

Plowing * Salt, Magnesium, or Sand Application * Walks Shoveled * Dormant Pruning * Tree Removal

Spring Services

Spring Cleanup * Lawn Fertilization * Pre-emergent Crab Grass Control * Mowing * Drive and Walk Edging * Mulching * Bed Edging and Pruning







  • Area Resident for 25 Years!
  • Kent State University Graduate
  • Holy Family Church Member
  • 20 Years of Lawn Maintenance Experience
  • 10 Years Golf Care Experience
  • Industry Certified
  • Granular Golf Course Quality Products
  • Grub and Insect Control – Fall Lime
  • Competitive Pricing and Free Estimates
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Discounts Offered
  • Insured
  • References Available



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“Dan, you guys did a fantastic job! Thanks for widening around the trees and for trimming the fence and edging so nicely around the sidewalk  Also, love having the extra dirt by the creek.  And you got under the trampoline too!  Thanks Dan. Stellar job! .”

Stow homeowner


“Lawn looks a million times better.  I have no idea why it has been so hard for previous landscapers to tackle those stupid dandelions.  I am thrilled that they seem to be gone.”


Hudson Ohio homeowner

“Thank you for the fast and EXCELLENT follow up to our request for help this morning!  Your great customer service ensured that my mother, a senior citizen, could get her car out the garage and up the driveway for groceries today.  She is relieved and grateful, and her out-of-town family members sincerely thank you as well for taking such great care of your customers.  Be safe, stay warm, and THANK YOU again!!”

Gundy Rettke

Out of town son.

“Dan Novak has serviced Wentz Financial group of Hudson for three years with snow removal service. We appreciate the high-quality attention on the walks, parking in driveway. He follows the weather report and his pro active with his service. We mailed Dan our seminar schedules and he attends to the ice and snow removal prior to the scheduled event. We would highly recommend his services.”

Bud Wentz

Owner, Wentz Financial Group

Dan Novak of ProCut ProPlow is great to work with.  He shows up when he’s suppose to and does what he said he’ll do.  He does not overcharge you and is very competitive in his pricing.  Even when he comes across extra things that need to be done he doesn’t gouge you but communicates clearly what needs to happen and what the cost will be.  Fantastic landscaper to work with.

Larry Cavallaro

Owner, L&S Properties

I use Dan Novak of ProCut ProPlow in the winter for snow plowing and he does mowing and trimming in the spring and summer.  He does good work that I’m happy with.  I’d recommend him to my neighbors. 

Kenneth Jensen

Homeowner, Stow, OH

Dan Novak of ProCut ProPlow is very efficient, a hard worker, does everything I ask, and does it correctly.  He takes care of the plowing, mowing, mulching, and spring & fall clean up of my home.  When it snows, he’s very prompt in getting it plowed.  When you need it plowed, it’s plowed.  I’ve never had any problems with them.

Ron Repp

Homeowner, Silver Lake, OH

What I’ve appreciated about Dan Novak of ProCut ProPlow is that he listens to what I want.  When I’ve had other companies they say they’ll come only on their terms and schedule.  Dan is always willing to work with me and be flexible.

Jeanne Shea

Homeowner, Stow, OH



My team and I at ProCut ProPlow are ready to help you with your all season landscaping needs.  Feel free to call me at (330) 689-1996, Monday – Friday between 9AM and 3PM or email me, dan@procutproplow.com, or use the contact form below.  When using the form, please describe the landscaping need you have and the best phone number and time to reach you, I will be in touch as soon as possible.

Dan Novak


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